• Adrienne Darnell is an award winning photographer, producer, and creative originally from Alabama but currently living in Brooklyn, New York.

    Inspired by her late grandfather, she started exploring vintage photography with a distinct approach to visual storytelling. She became fascinated with the craft of analog cameras and taught herself how to shoot with them. Today, Adrienne spends her free time hand soaking, dying, and shooting 35mm film. Her work has been featured in numerous online and print publications within the US and internationally.

    In her professional life, Adrienne quickly fell into advertising after moving to New York, landing her first job as an assistant at Ogilvy & Mather. Over the years she has evolved in this creative environment and has done everything from producer to creative directing projects. Beyond advertising, Adrienne has cultivated a network of influential creatives and colleagues that are ingrained in the art and fashion communities in NYC and beyond.

    Over time, Adrienne has steered her career toward Art Production as a way to blend her innate passion for art and photography. Adrienne's true love lies in creating a balance between imagery and styling that evokes beauty and emotion. Whether she is creating this herself with her own photography or looking for other artists to collaborate with, in or outside of her professional career, she sees herself as an artistic influencer who wants everything we see to make an impact.

    Adrienne often says (with a sultry Southern drawl) "I just want to make things that are beautiful,” and ultimately this is her goal. She has worked with artists, designers, art directors and stylists as an advisor, lending her ideas and suggestions to create an artistic vision for whatever project she is needed on. She uses her personal style and aesthetic as a tool within the industry, where she can use her vision to push the boundaries of what we see as traditional advertising.

    Adrienne's personal mantra is, “At the end of the day, people won't remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.”


    D&AD - 2019 - Yellow Pencil for Absolut Vodka "Love Bottle"

    Cannes Lions - 2019 - Bronze Lion - Industry Craft for Absolut Vodka "Love Bottle"

    Cannes Lions - 2019 - Titanium Lion Shortlist - HBO's Game of Thrones, #ForTheThrone

    Photography Features:

    Imaginary Magnitude

    Somewhere Magazine

    If You Leave - @ifyouleavestagram

    Archive Collective Magazine

    Dazed Digital - Article feature, Dazed and Exposed of the Year


    CMYK Magazine, Issue #52 - Top 100 New Creatives

    Carpaccio Magazine, Issue #32

    Astoria Art Festival 2013 - Featured Artist

    Focus Project 2011 - Featured Artist

    Astoria Arts Festival 2012 - Featured Artist




    Zucot Gallery, Atlanta