• Adrienne Darnell is an award winning photographer, producer, and creative originally from Alabama currently living in NYC.

    Inspired by her late grandfather, she started exploring film photography with a distinct approach to visual storytelling. She became fascinated with the craft of analog cameras and taught herself how to shoot with them. Today, Adrienne spends her free time hand soaking, dying, and shooting 35mm film. Her work has been featured in numerous online and print publications within the US and internationally.

    In her professional life, Adrienne quickly fell into advertising after moving to New York at 22, landing her first job as an assistant at Ogilvy & Mather. Over the years she has evolved in this creative environment and has done everything from producing to creative directing projects. With this Adrienne has cultivated a network of creatives and colleagues that are ingrained in the art and advertising communities, enabling her to blend the two worlds to create award winning work for her clients.

    Adrienne has found success by being extremely passionate about her work, where she leans in to her personal style and aesthetic, which she uses to push her vision and ultimately the boundaries of what we see as traditional advertising.